Zahnrad-Durchflussmesser (S-VC)

  • The measuring gears are driven by the liquid flow on the principle of a gear motor.
  • The gears run without contact in the measuring chamber. The bearing elements are low-friction ball or plain bearings.
  • The movement of the gears is sampled without contact by means of two sensors located in the cover. Between sensor compartment and measuring chamber is located a pressure-resistant, non-magnetic separator plate.
  • When the measuring mechanism rotates by one tooth pitch, the sensor emits a signal which corresponds to the geometrical tooth volume Vgz.
  • The signal is converted into a square-wave signal by the preamplifier.
  • The two-channel sampling permits better resolution as well as recognition of the flow direction.


Low pressure drop
High reliability
Reduction of noise
High dynamics
High pressure rating