2-Way - DIN Normally Open (VCO-DIN)

2-way cartridge valves Normally Open (logic valves) are designed according to standard Cavity ISO 7368 (DIN 24 342) for mounting in control blocks.
These normally open cartridge valves are used mainly for high flow and low pressure drop, as directional valves, decompression valves and check.
These are Normally open valves in the zero position, they have lower pressure drop compared to standard valves, the piston is fully open in both directions.
The advantages of the 2-way cartridge valves are the flexibility, the compactness and the energy efficiency. With 2way cartridge valves you can generate and change any circuit symbol by switching each individual cartridge during the process. The schematic symbol of a spool valve is predefined by the piston geometry.
The performance of a Hydraulic control system mainly depends on the used hydraulic valves.
The Hydro Space R&D in the field valve technology examines not only the functionality and performance improvements by new valve developments, but implements consistently and continuously innovations in the areas of:
  • Material technology
  • Heat treatments
  • Sealing technology
  • Surface treatments
  • Tribology
  • Production technology
In addition to the performance of the valves we focused on the security, reliability, availability and aspects.

The flexible and modular 2Way Slip-in Cartridge Valves allow you to configure easily the needed functions and options of your hydraulic control system.

Contact us if you need hydraulic valves with specific opening area or for other temperature range or viscosity range.


Long life of the valves
short Process cycle
High dynamics
Optimal controllability


Various configurations available
Sensitive proportionality over the whole control range
Pressure relief valve is unaffected by back pressure
Easy storage
Simplified Ordering
Service friendly



Movement synchronization
2-Way control
Pressure control
Decompression control
throttle function
Direct operated
Free circulation
Data sheetReliabilityOn request
General data
Nominal dimensionNB16; NB25; NB32, NB40, NB50; DN63
Stock temperature–30°C .. +80°C
Ambient temperature–30°C ..+55°C
Fluid temperature–30°C ..+85°C (Standard)
Hydraulic data
Operating pressure420 bar
NAS 1638Class: 18/16/13
ISO 4406:1999Class: 7
Mineral oilHL; HLP; HLPD
Synthetic Ester fluids HEES: Biohyd SE-S; ARNICA S : HVLP/HEES Panolin HLP Synth; BIOHYD SE
NB16 270L/Min @5bar (1:1)
NG25 590L/Min @5bar (1:1)
NB32 1030L/Min @5bar (1:1)
NB40 1510L/Min @5bar (1:1)
NB50 2370L/Min @5bar (1:1)
NB634390L/Min @5bar (1:1)


Mining & Construction
Mobile Applications
Oil & Gas