Rear loader

The rear loaders are the standard vehicles of refuse collection. Whether household waste, paper waste, packaging waste, organic waste, bulky waste, or DSD rear loaders have proven to be a universal machine for waste collection.

The performance of a rear-loader depends mainly on the used hydraulic system.  The Hydro Space Research in the field of environmental “waste collection and disposal” has developed an innovative approach to the hydraulic control of rear loader with a holistic view of the physical, technological and economic aspects.
In addition to security, reliability, availability and performance aspects we focused on the energy efficiency and environmental protection as major priorities.

The Hydro Space intelligent performance optimization concept gives your machine a new dimension of productivity and reduction of fuel consumption.
Previous solutions on the market do not provide constant compaction scheme.
Our system, however, provides a constant compaction force control. The waste compaction is pre-adjusted, depending on the type of waste and the type of disposal (landfill, incineration plant, sorting, recycling). The pressure is regulated automatically depending on the compaction setting and the ejection shield position.  This gives an optimal waste compaction.

The HS-RLC20 Compactor controller provides a soft switching of the press plate and the carrier plate, which guarantees a long life of the machine, pump, hoses and sensors.

Hydro Space flexible modular hydraulic system enables you to configure the control of your rear loader easily. You can define the needed functions and the maximum speed of the individual cylinders (ejector plate, tailgate, press plate and carrier plate).