Cable & pipe laying

Cable laying and pipe laying processes require special attention regarding traction, speed of laying and tension combined with ships speed and motion. The control system determines the constant tension in real-time depending on the input signals of pressure, force and acceleration.

The performance of a cable laying and pipe laying system mainly depends on the used hydraulic system.  The Hydro Space Research in the offshore field has developed an innovative concept for hydraulic control of cable laying and pipe laying systems under consideration of the technological and economic aspects. In addition to security, reliability, availability and performance aspects we focused on the energy efficiency and environmental protection as major priorities.

Our intelligent optimization of constant tension control valve system provides your machine a new dimension of productivity and reduction of fuel consumption.

The flexible and modular hydraulic system of Hydro Space allows you to configure easily the needed functions and options of your Winches.

Contact us if you need custom hydraulic systems for winches the areas of Cable laying and pipe laying.
Kabel- & Rohr- Verlegung
Cable & pipe laying