Compactor hydraulic control block (HS-RLC)

The rear loaders are the standard vehicles of refuse collection. Whether household waste, paper waste, packaging waste, organic waste, bulky waste, or DSD rear loaders have proven to be a universal machine for waste collection.
The performance of a rear-loader depends mainly on the used hydraulic system.  The Hydro Space Research in the field of environmental “waste collection and disposal” has developed an innovative approach to the hydraulic control of rear loader with a holistic view of the physical, technological and economic aspects.

The Hydro Space HS-RLC is a Duplex valve block to control the press plate cylinders and the sliding wall (Carrier plate) cylinders of the Compactor of a rear loader waste collector vehicle. The HS-RLC is designed with a focus on following aspects:

  • Security
  • Reliability,
  • Productivity
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Comfort and Economy
HS RLC20 guarantees a smooth switching of the pressing plate and the carrier plate with a low pressure drop. This generates a higher waste compression.


Long life of the valves
Reduction of CO2 emission
Reduction of fuel consumption
Reduction of noise
Reduction of switching shocks
short Process cycle
More payload with higher compression
High dynamics
Fast and Safe shutdown.
Soft switching
Optimal controllability
High pressure rating
Compact and light


Longer life of the pump and the mechanics because of soft switching
Shorter downtime of the machine
Service friendly



Secondary pressure relief
Pressure relief function
Suction valve
4-way control
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