Valve block for Multi-Section Boom control (HS-BPM)

The hydro- Space HS-BPM is a valve block to the decentralized control of a Multi-Section Boom of concrete pumps.

HS BPM has been designed with focus on Security, Reliability, Reducing piping, strength and endurance under continues hard work conditions.

HS BPM ensures accurate and sensitive operation.

These modules are mounted directly on the cylinders. The hydraulic system is stiffer. You can control the booms quickly and accurately.

Many options are available to meet your specific requirements.


Long life of the valves
Reduction of CO2 emission
Reduction of noise
More payload with higher compression
Fast and Safe shutdown.
Optimal controllability
High pressure rating
Compact and light


Modular design
Overload protection,
Sensitive proportionality over the whole control range
Opening is independent of load pressure
Easy storage
Leak free
Shorter downtime of the machine
Service friendly



cone without dampening nose
Load and Movement control
Proportional Sequence valve
Decompression control
throttle function
Directional control
Suction valve
CircuitData sheetReliability