Active and passive Heave Compensation control valves (HS-HC)

Waves create a vertical ship movement (heave). This causes a third dimension to motion equation. Heave compensators reduce the effect of vertical ship heave on the drill string and coring tools. Without heave compensation, optimal ocean coring and borehole completions would require calm seas, with large amounts of downtime spent waiting on weather.

We offer valve solutions for active and passive Heave Compensation:
  • HS-AHC: Active Heave Compensator Control valve system
  • HS-PHC: Passive Heave Compensator Control valve system
Our compensator controllers have been designed with focus on safety, reliability, high dynamics, precision, and comfort aspects. They guarantee fast, accurate and sensitive compensation.
We offer a wide range for your applications. Our valves are available from the nominal size 25 to size 250mm. We can provide compensation flow up to 70.000L/Min at Δp = 5 bar.

Many options are available to meet your specific requirements.


Long life of the valves
High dynamics
Fast and Safe shutdown.
Soft switching
Optimal controllability
High pressure rating


Overload protection,
Longer life of the pump and the mechanics because of soft switching
Pressure relief valve is unaffected by back pressure
Simplified Ordering
Shorter downtime of the machine



Pilot operated
Pipe rupture valve
Free fall function
Leak free
Data sheetReliabilityOn request
General data
Nominal dimensionND63; ND80, ND100; ND160; ND180; ND200; ND250
Block materialHYCUT60
Stock temperature–30°C .. +80°C
Ambient temperature–30°C ..+55°C
Fluid temperature–30°C ..+85°C (Standard)
Seal materialPUR
Surface protection (optional) Corrosion resistance regarding NSS ISO9227
TriCem 3800 10μm Color Black1000H red rust
OtherOn request
Hydraulic data
Operating pressure420bar
Viscosity range10..400 mm2/s
Recommended viscosity20..50 mm2/s
NAS 1638Class: 18/16/13
ISO 4406:1999Class: 7
Mineral oilHL; HLP; HLPD
Synthetic Ester fluids HEES: Biohyd SE-S; ARNICA S : HVLP/HEES Panolin HLP Synth; BIOHYD SE