Excavator Boom Safety (HS-EBS)

The Hydro Space HS-EBS is a security block to control the boom cylinders of mining excavators.

The HS-EBS safety block is used for the controlled lowering and braking of the boom in a free fall without any energy supply, with high speed and in a dynamically balanced pressure between the right cylinder and the left cylinder.

While dredging the control switches the active pump power. This has been designed with focus on safety, reliability, productivity, energy efficiency, comfort and economy.

The precision and safety of operation during lowering, braking and stopping the boom at the exact position is assured by the sensitivity and high resolution of the proportional valve. The reactivity of the valves allows the driver to work relaxed.

Many options are available to meet your specific requirements.


Long life of the valves
Reduction of CO2 emission
Reduction of fuel consumption
Reduction of noise
Reduction of switching shocks
High dynamics
Fast and Safe shutdown.
Soft switching
Optimal controllability
High pressure rating


Various configurations available
Easy installation
Overload protection,
Sensitive proportionality over the whole control range
Opening is independent of load pressure
Pressure relief valve is unaffected by back pressure
Leak free
Shorter downtime of the machine
Service friendly



Pilot operated
Counter balance function (Load control valve)
Pipe rupture valve
Pressure compensation between the left and right cylinder
Free fall function
Proportional throttle function
Data sheetReliabilityOn request
General data
Masse50 kg
Nominal dimensionC: SAE1"-1/2
Block materialHycut60
Stock temperature–30°C .. +80°C
Ambient temperature–30°C ..+55°C
Fluid temperature–30°C ..+85°C (Standard)
Surface protection (optional) Corrosion resistance regarding NSS ISO9227
Galvanized with 15μm thick film passivation400H red rust
Electro less nickels> 30 microns80H…120H red rust ...
TriCem 3800 10μm Color Black1000H red rust
OtherOn request
Hydraulic data
Operating pressure420bar
High Flow1800 L/Min
Opening pressure:6 bar
Pressure for maximal opening25bar
NAS 1638Class: 18/16/13
ISO 4406:1999Class: 7
Mineral oilHL; HLP; HLPD
Synthetic Ester fluids HEES: Biohyd SE-S; ARNICA S : HVLP/HEES Panolin HLP Synth; BIOHYD SE